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Industry and Professionals

We help individuals, companies and not-for-profits respond to challenges and complexity in ways that enliven and stretch them toward new heights. An Avidus & Co workplace solution can assist with:

  1. Cohesive and collaborative workplace cultures 

  2. Effect and streamlined systems for performance and service delivery

  3. Innovative, agile, and creative problem solving approaches

  4. Greater sense of role confidence

  5. Increased receptivity to learning and development 

  6. Deeper attunement and connection

  7. Increased staff engagement and retention

  8. Embodied understanding of personal and professional strengths

innovative strategies, empathetic and accountable leadership, and the cultivation of emergent possibilities

Informed by complexity theory, we navigate the ever-evolving landscapes of business, society, and ecology. We view organisations as dynamic ecosystems, where relationships, feedback loops, and adaptability are fundamental. Our approach is rooted in the belief that meaningful transformation arises from embracing uncertainty, embracing diversity, and fostering resilience in the face of complexity.


We strive to guide our clients towards holistic solutions that leverage the inherent power of complexity. Our work is centered on facilitating learning, innovation, and adaptability within organisations, promoting a deeper awareness of interdependencies and the ripple effects of decisions. We understand that true change emerges from the co-evolution of people, processes, and environments.


Through our consultancy, we aim to empower organisations to navigate the complex terrain of the modern world, recognising that transformative change is a continuous journey. We aspire to co-create adaptive, sustainable, and flourishing systems that reflect the wisdom of emergent systems and complexity theory, where the only constant is change, and the opportunities within complexity are endless.

Personal and Professional Development Events

Workplace Wellbeing and Performance Strategies

 Alice Springs, NT 

 Collaboration with Matrix on Board Consulting who were contracted by the Alice Springs Women’s Shelter (ASWS) in order to assist in an organisation review of operational, governance and service delivery to support ASWS to improve their range of support services for women and children experiencing domestic and family violence. 


Delivery of findings used to inform change across key arms of the organisation in order to further enhance the organisation’s capacity to provide trauma-informed, culturally relevant and strengths-based services to women and children in their region.

 Engadine, NSW

Series of solutions including group clinically-informed reflective practice sessions focused on trauma-informed principles, neurobiology, case management frameworks and the organisation’s strategic objectives.

Management coaching to assist in navigating  not-for-profit complexities and organisational change. 

Feedback indicated that staff had greater role clarity, and were more confident in their practice; feeling understood and supported through the sessions, whilst feeling challenged in ways that enhanced their practice. 

 Bondi, NSW

Series of tailored workplace strategies designed to support management and teams across the organisation to harness their strengths and talents, and direct them toward generating positive outcomes for young people at risk of homelessness.  

Staff reported feeling a psychologically safe, collaborative and challenging experience created by the facilitator, which resulted in deeper insights and clearer plans for more effective and efficient ways of working. 

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