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Coaching and Supervision

Driven Resilience Coaching

Are you looking to enhance your general resilience and improve your overall wellbeing?


Avidus & Co consultants are certified to guide you through this transformative individual coaching program based on the PR6 Driven Resilience Program.


Throughout this neuroscience-based coaching program, you'll discover comprehensive skills to boost your resilience across six domains:

Vision, Composure, Reasoning, Tenacity, Collaboration, and Health.

Personal Resilience Assessment (PR6)

Every domain of resilience can be developed but first you need to know where you're at. The PR6 is your Personal Resilience Report through

Understand your areas of relative strength, and leverage momentum to build on the identified focus areas across the 6 core domains of resilience:

  1. Vision

  2. Composure

  3. Reasoning

  4. Health

  5. Tenacity

  6. Collaboration

Professional Coaching 

We help you frame up an inspired vision for yourself, and set about a plan to get you there. This service is useful for people looking to make a change in their professional life – be that through an industry or role shift, or those looking to improve their performance capability and sense of wellbeing. 


Sessions comprise a range of assessment approaches, and eclectic evidence informed coaching techniques including eFIRE, Motivational Interviewing, Behavioural and Neuroscience and Schema Coaching, to make room to work with the underlying drivers of your day-to-day experiences at work or in your personal life - exploring the impact of family of origin, early trauma and adversity, successes and failures, signature strengths and core beliefs about yourself, others and the world.


AHPRA Board Approved Psychology Supervision

With over 17 years’ experience in the health and human services, Andrijana Vidovic, Founder of Avidus & Co, Spots & Arrows Pty Ltd, and Wildish Wellbeing offers accessible professional supervision services to psychologists and other health and human services practitioners as part of her commitment to paying it forward and capacity building.


In line with the Psychology Board of Australia guidelines, Andrijana provides Board Accredited Supervision to early career or established and experienced psychologists; and provides Action Learning and Critically Reflective Professional Supervision to other practitioners in the health and human service space.

 Management Coaching

Our ultimate objective? Executives, leaders and managers that foster profound transformations in their own capabilities and the capabilities of their teams through empowerment, enquiry, empathy & evidence.


We want you to achieve heightened fulfillment, personal growth, and tangible business outcomes, and have a greater confidence in the way you lead people and make decisions within this ever more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business and service landscape.


These sessions are meticulously crafted to provide you with captivating intellectual capital, experiential learning, invaluable reflective opportunities, precise targeting of areas of strength and development, and practical strategies tailored to optimise your performance as an accomplished leader in your space.

Professional Supervision

Avidus & Co Consultants share decades of experience in providing Professional Supervision services to health and human service professionals across Australia.


Skilled in the art of critical reflection in-action and on-action; the Avidus reflective practice and action learning approaches, guided by evidence-informed frameworks, are a critical addition to the staff wellbeing and practice development strategy for any contemporary human service agency serious about achieving client outcomes.

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