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Avidus & Co.

Our mission is to empower humans with the knowledge and tools necessary to lead healthy and high-performing lives in whatever way they choose to define it.

Avidus & Co is committed to fostering equitable, just, and inclusive communities and workplaces. We believe in the power of collaboration, honouring marginalised voices, and cultivating opportunities for happiness, performance and resilience within individuals, families and teams and organisations.

Andrijana Vidovic is the founder of Avidus & Co. Andrijana is a registered psychologist with a Bachelor of Psychology, Master of Health Science (Behavioural Science), an Executive MBA, experience in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Certificate IV Training and Assessment, and is a certified Circle Facilitator; who is currently completing a Diploma of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing.

We believe in people's inherent resilience and capacity to not only rebound from set backs, but to thrive in their work, family and personal lives.

We believe in the transformative power of space holding for people to explore their own inner workings, and witness the sense making of others, to uncover their own sense of direction and wisdom.

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Why choose Avidus & Co.?

We help individuals, companies and not-for-profits respond to challenges and complexity in ways that enliven and stretch them toward new heights. 


We work to support environments, processes and people to feel psychologically safe, challenged, accountable, vital, grounded, wise, connected, purposeful, and attuned.

  • Our team of experts draw on contemporary, cutting edge research and evidence in positive psychology, well-being and performance. 

  • Our instructional design focuses on experiential learning, real world scenarios and tools that can increase the opportunity for sustained behavioural change and mindset shifts. 

  • Our team, underpinned by decades of diverse experience, work authentically to find creative and pragmatic solutions that will work for your unique situation.

  • Our team are invested in the values of humanity and connection to drive results.

  • We pride ourselves on combining experience, with evidence and empathy to provide a range of offerings that result in deep insights and pragmatic opportunities for enhanced wellbeing and performance at work and in life.

Expertise & Experience

Our team of psychologists, business consultants and facilitators possess a unique combination of knowledge and experience in:

- positive psychology

- neurobiology of trauma, stress, resilience and performance

- emotional intelligence

- burnout and stress reduction

- leadership and complexity

- instructional design

- cognitive, behavioural, schema-based approaches

- somatic / mind-body awareness

- mindfulness based stress reduction

- eFIRE Leadership Coaching in Complex Environments

- career and life coaching

- measures and psychometrics

We also leverage the wisdom of trusted SMEs from across a range of sectors including Defence, Human Services, Hospitality, Construction, Not-for-Profit and Corporate Australia

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