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Performance and Wellbeing Workshops

The Avidus & Co series of performance and wellbeing workshops are structured to allow participants the maximum possible engagement opportunity with the content before, during and after each session. 

This series of workshops are designed to be accessible and modular - complementing one another regardless of their order. You can pick-and-mix based on your business needs. 


How is an Avidus workshop unique?

  • Each workshop is crafted to add-to the expertise in the room, eliciting real-world experiences and examples, and weaving through themes from cutting edge research. 

  • Workshop experiences and activities take the focus, rather than traditional lecture-style formats - let’s be honest, you could google most of this! What teams need is the opportunity to extend their skills, and bring them to life in their professional and personal worlds.

  • When the workshop finishes, we don’t just leave you there. Each session includes a group coaching conversation around a plan for how the insights will be implemented by each individual when they leave.

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